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About Us

Please allow us to introduce ourselves

Cosmo Kids is a premium boutique childcare centre dedicated to providing an inspirational and nurturing environment for children and their families. Located in the heart of Auckland CBD, Cosmo Kids offers expansive indoor and outdoor play and learning areas, with an emphasis on ecology and sustainability.

At Cosmo Kids, we believe every child can shine brightly with our committed, highly trained staff and unparalleled facilities. Our innovative learning curriculum and unique personalised services for parent and child makes Cosmo Kids among the best in the country.


Lyn has had over 15 years experience in childcare after graduating with a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood. Lyn’s passion and dedication to delivering the highest quality care is evident in the success of her previous childcare centre Kidstown, which she opened in 2006.

After managing the centre for 10 years and seeing it double in size, Lyn set about achieving her dream of opening a premium childcare centre in the city. One that offered an inspiring sanctuary both children and parents could enjoy. And that is where Cosmo Kids was born.


Our Philosophy

How we approach the care of your child

Cosmo Kids believes that a high standard of care is achieved through the environment in which your child attends. To achieve this Cosmo Kids has designed different learning areas to allow an efficient educational facility. The outdoor and indoor areas allow individual space to play, explore and discover, creating an atmosphere of being and playing in the countryside.

Cosmo Kids see children as being competent and capable. To allow children to fulfill their potential they must work/play in an environment that enhances their overall development. An environment that enhances their self-esteem respects their individuality and meets their needs.

Cosmo Kids does this by providing an education program where:

  • Learning is fun and joyful
  • Children initiate their own learning through play and their interests
  • Children develop at their own level
  • The process of thinking and learning is valued not the final product
  • Children’s well-being and emotional development is supported with positive relationships so that all children feel special, unique and empowered.
  • Children feel loved and respected.

Babies & Toddlers

Cosmo Care starts here


Enriching early childhood


Engagement all day long

Babies & Toddlers

Cosmo Kids has set up an enriching environment to stimulate babies and toddlers, enabling them to develop their cognitive skills. We believe in an open door policy where parents can come and attend their child any time they wish. At our beautifully appointed facilities, parents can spend quality time with their child - breast feeding, feeding, bathing or just watching their child’s progress (and have a cuddle or two!).

Cosmo Kids has a later closing time of 6 p.m. and offers a unique service of parents being able to bathe and feed their babies and toddlers before they leave for home. There is no need to rush from A to B or be stuck in traffic. Instead, parents can relax and have quality time with their children in our modern and comfortable facilities. Our aim is to make our parent’s day as stress free as possible.


Even though we are located in the city, Cosmo Kids has an emphasis on green space and we encourage children to get involved with nature. The centre provides an engaging indoor and outdoor area with vertical gardens where children can plant trees and have a country-like atmosphere to thrive in.

Our high adult to child ratio enables plenty of one on one time and advanced individual learning. To help realise a child’s learning potential, we teach the core subjects of literacy, mathematics, art and science through their individual interests. This is hugely beneficial for a child as it accelerates their learning while having fun at the same time. Cosmo Kids provides online learning portfolios so a parent can be updated on their child’s progress.


Cosmo Kids offers plenty of activities designed to surprise and delight a child, while teaching them about the world around us. We love the great outdoors and offer a range of engaging experiences designed to encourage your child’s imagination and have fun! These include: Walks to Myers and Albert Parks, the fountains at Britomart Square, train travel from Britomart to Myers Park, and for the more adventurous 4 year-olds, ferry rides to Devonport.

We also offer many themed activities at the centre such as dress ups, Easter egg hunts, Mothers, Fathers and Grandparent Days, Valentines Day, Halloween Day, PJ Day, Teddy Bear Day, Small Pets Day, Christmas Carols and well, the list goes on!


Cosmo Kids teaching program reflects the principles and strands of the New Zealand early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki. Not only do we provide a leading-edge learning facility to encourage your child’s progress, but we also help teachers to strive and give their continued best. Our highly qualified teachers continue to engage in professional development through a mentor who visits on a monthly basis.

Our teachers are fully qualified and our high adult to child ratio means your child receives plenty of that important one on one time.


Our Services

Our services with a smile

Meals Provided

Our seasonal menu plan comprises only the freshest ingredients and is designed to be big on nutrition as well as flavour. We offer protein with our vegetables and also cater to any allergies. Click here to see a sample menu.

Opening Times

Cosmo Kids is open Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 6.00pm.

Parent and Child Facilities

Cosmo Kids offers unparalleled facilities where parents can spend quality time with their child. Our later closing time means no rushing home after a busy day. Find out more in our Babies & Toddlers section.

Parent Communication

e-Portfolios to follow your child's learning progress.

Unique Location

Cosmo Kids is conveniently located in the heart of Auckland CBD in the beautifully refurbished 125Q building which, of course, is at 125 Queen St. 125Q is within walking distance to most major businesses, perfect for the busy working parent.

Book a visit with us today and our friendly staff will be in touch. Contact us by email or call Freephone 0800 778 125